2006/11/25 - Danada Equestrian... (13 Photos)
Another trip to Danada Equestrian Center. It was very gloomy out and I only had my Powershot on me so these aren't my best work by far. But who doesn't love horsies nonetheless? :)


2006/10/05 - Mallard Lake (11 Photos)
Wanted to get some shots of the clouds after work, so we headed over to Mallard Lake. Lots of little bridges on the path too.


2006/09/16 - Downtown St. Charles (16 Photos)
Photos from along Fox River in Downtown St. Charles.


2006/09/03 - Danada Equestrian... (10 Photos)
Located in Wheaton Illinois, Danada Equestrian Center is connected to the trails of Herrick Lake Forest Preserve where we biked today. It was a delightful surprise stumbling upon the old racetrack and horses and gave me time to catch my breath before the 3.5 mile bike back to the car.


2006/08/13 - Herrick Lake (16 Photos)
We recently "discovered" Herrick Lake Forest Preserve when I came across photos taken there by a Flickr user. It's really pretty with an abundance of wildlife. Included in this set are photos of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (butterfly). We plan to return next weekend for some more exploring.


2006/07/09 - NASCAR (18 Photos)
Photos from the Nascar USG Sheetrock 400 at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois. I wouldn't say I'm a big race fan but you can't beat free tickets (thanks to Joe's place of employment). We were up high too which was cool because we could see the entire racetrack.


2006/06/11 - Churchill Woods (11 Photos)
Churchill Woods Forest Preserve isn't located far from our home so we paid it a visit as we were feeling stir crazy thanks to the cooler weather. There were people fishing, playing frisbee and walking their dogs. We met a black and white puppy named Sophie who I thought was adorable. Unfortunately no pictures of her. She ran over to say hello and then ran off.

See also: Churchill Woods in October of last year.


2006/05/22 - Milwaukee Zoo (25 Photos)
Milwaukee Zoo isn't the biggest or best zoo we've been to, but they've recently renovated the Big Cats exhibit which now makes getting up close to a tiger, snow leopard, and lion possible. If only they'd make the glass anti-reflective, I would have gotten even better shots. Gotta love ISO 1600 on the D20 though!


2006/05/07 - Cosley Zoo (17 Photos)
I love visiting Cosley Zoo in Wheaton because it's close to home, free, and very cute. Even though the subjects rarely change, I never walk away with the same photos. For instance, for the first time ever I was able to capture a peacock doing his mating dance and showing off his beautifully-decorated feathers.


2006/04/21 - Flowers (6 Photos)
I know, I know, it's about time I put some photos up here. These were taken on our patio today. There is more to come now that Spring has sprung. ;)

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