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Random Snapshots 2007 (5 Photos)
Individual photos from here and there that didn't fit into a series. Currently they are all Christmas items taken in my new lightbox.

Last updated: November 11th


2007/11/10 - Spring Valley (20 Photos)
A visit to the farm area of Spring Valley nature center in Schaumburg. We encountered some fiesty geese who enjoyed sticking their heads through the fence and trying to nibble on us. We also got to pet some gentle horses.


2007/11/04 - Forest Preserves (17 Photos)
We visited Herrick Lake Forest Preserve (photos 1-10) this morning to check out the Fall colors and after lunch went exploring and stumbled upon Meacham Grove Forest Preserve (photos 11-17). They both have great trails to walk, jog, or bike on, but we're particularly excited about our new discovery since it's closer to home and will make us more likely to bike come next year.


2007/10/24 - Morton Arboretum (32 Photos)
I haven't visted the Morton Arboretum in five years! Unfortunately most of the trees haven't yet changed color so there are more photos of scarecrows than trees.


2007/10/22 - MSI (42 Photos)
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is one of my favorite museums. My parents used to take me and my brother there every year. One of my favorite permanent exhibits is the chick hatchery and I was excited to get some good shots of the little yellow fuzzballs. Other interesting exhibits included the U-505 Submarine and the special Star Wars exhibit.


2007/10/07 - Scarecrows (18 Photos)
My favorite scarecrows from the hugely popular and crowded Scarecrow Festival in St. Charles, Illinois. If you've never been to this festival before, I highly recommend it. There's so much to see, do, and eat! We had roasted corn, fresh brewed root beer and a surprisingly tasty deep-fried Snickers bar.


2007/10/07 - Skydogz (20 Photos)
These amazing dogs performed at the Scarecrow Festival in St. Charles, Illinois. I'm extremely pleased with how these photos turned out considering I've never taken such action shots before.


2007/10/06 -Sonny Acres (21 Photos)
Sonny Acres Farm has much to offer families particularly in the month of October. There's rides, food, Halloween costumes and decorations, and of course, pumpkins. It's a great place to take the kids.


2007/09/20 - Kelly Miller Circus (14 Photos)
The circus came to town and I brought both my cameras to see what I could capture. Not the best quality but decent considering I don't have experience shooting in low-light situations without a flash.


2007/07/21 - Arlington Park (21 Photos)
Arlington Park is a horse racing track located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. This was our first experience with horse racing and it was fun!


2007/07/21 - Par-King (23 Photos)
Par-King Skill Golf is a unique miniature golf course located in Lincolnshire Illinois. It has a 10-foot model of the Sears Tower as well as a mini rollercoaster your ball travels along. It's well-maintained and the employees are friendly. I definitely recommend it for anyone who loves miniature golf.


2007/07/07 - IM Speedway (43 Photos)
If you ever get the opportunity to visit Indianapolis, you have to check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a non-race day and sign up for the grounds tour. You get to stand on the track! How cool is that? The Hall of Fame Museum has lots of race cars from the past too.


2007/07/06 - Indianapolis Zoo (57 Photos)
Indianapolis Zoo has a lot to offer visitors, including a new Oceans exhibit where you can touch sharks. Their underwater dolphin dome is one of a kind as well. In addition to the zoo, admission includes access to the White River Gardens where you can see live butterflies.


2007/07/05 - Indianapolis (23 Photos)
Indianapolis is a great little city. Especially coming from a big city like Chicago, you appreciate how clean and uncongested everything is. Plus it's great how pretty much everything is within walking distance. These photos were taken downtown, in White River State Park, and the canal area.


2007/04/29 - Shedd Aquarium (40 Photos)
It was a beautiful day for a trip into the city. We got to the Shedd Aquarium just as they opened and it was surprisingly uncrowded. I got photos of the beluga whales, a dolphin, penguins, and lots of lizards, including the komodo dragon. After three hours of the aqaurium, we walked around outside and got some shots of the skyline and Adler Planetarium.


2007/04/28 - Animals (11 Photos)
Just some animal shots taken at Willowbrook Wildlife Center and Cosley Zoo. Included are: two owls, some ducks, a baby goat, a baby sheep, a bird, deer, and a racoon.


2007/04/22 - Danada Equestrian... (29 Photos)
Another trip to Danada Equestrian Center. You may recall that the last set from 2006 was taken at the same place, except now the grass is green and it was sunny out. We got to meet a friendly barn cat as well who followed us for awhile after we were done petting her because she wanted more affection.

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