2015/05/23 - Fermi & Pratt's Wayne Woods (19 Photos)
Lots of great wildlife is to be found at Fermilab's natural areas. We saw ducklings, red-wing blackbirds, killdeer, and bison. At Pratt's Wayne Woods we saw very large tadpoles and a robins nest.


2015/05/16 - Fabyan Forest Preserve (8 Photos)
I heard there was some great wildlife to be found here which was true. We saw a Barn Swallow, goslings, and a Great Horned Owl.


2015/05/09 - Cosley Zoo (15 Photos)
Testing out my new zoom lens. Animals featured: bobcats, woodpecker, racoon, and ducks.


2015/05/09 - Lilacia Park (42 Photos)
This park is best enjoyed in May when all the tulips and lilacs are in full bloom.


2015/05/03 - Morton Arboretum (20 Photos)
This trip features tree blossoms, daffodils, and a pair of beautiful blue Tree Swallows.

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